Tahlo Ventures abides by the following booking and cancellation terms for accommodation services, escape rooms, experiences, and other additional services. We ask the reader to consider that these terms are binding for both parties once the customer has made a reservation.


Tahlo Ventures doesn’t make preliminary reservations. All reservations are binding from the moment of booking, regardless of how the reservation was made. The person making the booking must be at least 18 years old and should be ready to provide identification when asked.

Bookings are paid in advance via online store or invoice. Additional services can be added to the reservation either online or by emailing us at team@tahloventures.com. The payment term for direct reservations is 7 days. Invoices are sent via email or e-invoice. If the reservation is made less than 7 days before the service starts the invoice is due immediately. A 5 € invoice fee is added to the invoice.

VAT payment is added for company bookings.

Our accommodations include ready made beds and towels for overnight guests. Other services are available for additional fees. These services include hot tubs (palju), heating of the tubs or saunas, experiences, final cleaning, extra towels and renting a rowing boat.

Payment service provider (PSP)

The provider of payment services is Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) cooperating with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj is marked as the recipient of the payment on bank statements or credit invoices. Paytrail Oyj forwards the payment on to the seller. Paytrail Oyj has an operating license from the payment institution. In consumer complaint cases we primarily ask the customer to be in contact with the supplier of the product (Tahlo Ventures).

Paytrail Oyj, y-tunnus: 2122839-7 Innova 2, Lutakonaukio 7, 40100 Jyväskylä, www.paytrail.com

Walley Invoice/Instalment

Credit terms

The invoice and credit issuer is Collector Bank AB, organization number 556597-0513, the registered occupant of the Walley trademark.

Lilla Bommens Torg 11, Box 11914, SE-404 39. For more information visit www.collector.fi.

For full terms and information about Walley’s Invoice and Overdraft visit the following links:

For better product description: https://www.walley.fi/asiakaspalvelu/

General invoice and overdraft terms: https://cdn.walleypay.com/terms/Terms_FI.pdf

Standard European consumer credit conditions: https://cdn.https://cdn.walleypay.com/terms/SECCI_FI.pdfwalleypay.com/terms/SECCI_FI.pdf

With Walley, you can pay easily at once, choose to pay in installments or extend the payment period on your invoices.

How It Works

When you select Collector as the payment method, you’re asked to provide your personal identification number and to verify your identity using your online bank credentials. Once this is completed, Collector immediately grants or denies the credit request.

If approved, the order will be completed and your order shipped to you. Collector will send you an invoice for the order amount. You can pay the entire invoice at once or choose to pay in installments – smaller monthly payments.

Terms and Conditions in Brief

– Credit limit: up to 5000€

– Minimum age: 20 yrs.

For invoice:

The payment due date is the last day of the following month. There is a 3,80 € fee the consumer has at least 30 days and up to 60 days interest free time period.

For installments:
• 36 month period with a minimum due each month.
• Interest rate of 1.6% per month, which corresponds to 19.20% nominal annual interest rate.
• 2,95 € account management fee added to each month’s bill.
• Late payments and unpaid bills will be charged a reminder fee of 5 € and 1.6% monthly interest during the delay.


Reservations for Tahlo Headland Sauna, glamping and hot tub (palju) and sauna evenings in Tahlo

Free cancellation at least 2 days before check-in. Cancellations after 2 days will not be reimbursed.

Pets are not allowed. We kindly ask our guests to conduct in a peaceful and silent manner at the beach and outdoors after 10pm, thank you!


Reservations for Tahlo Hillhouse and Underhill Beach & Sauna

Free cancellation within 48 hours of the booking if the check-in day is at least 14 days away. For cancellations after 48 hours we will reimburse 50% of the purchase price. We will not reimburse payments for cancellations that are done 7 days or less before the start of the reservation.

Pets are not allowed. We kindly ask our guests to conduct in a peaceful and silent manner at the beach and outdoors after 10pm, thank you!

We recommend having insurance incase of sudden illness or accident. Changes in weather, natural phenomenons or for eg. shortages in water or electricity due to a third party do not change the cancellation terms.


Open fires are prohibited in all locations during a forest fire warning.


The customer is obligated to immediately inform of and compensate for any damages done to any movables or property to Tahlo Ventures.

Tahlo Ventures is not responsible for damages or effects of an unpredictable and overwhelming occurance or other towards the customer. These include but are not limited to natural phenomenons, insects, ants, unexpected changes in weather or any issue due to a third party or force majeure that can negatively affect water and/or electricity or other supplies.

The customer is responsible for damages that they themself or their guests cause to the property, its surroundings, furniture, equipment or other customers and their property. The customer is obligated to replace or pay for any damages done intentionally or unintentionally to the property or its movables during the visit to Tahlo Ventures.

Renting of equipment

The customer is responsible for any equipment and their proper use while in their possession. The customer has committed to returning all rental equipment at an agreed upon time. The equipment must be returned in the same condition it was in when getting it. If any equipment gets broken or lost the lender is at liberty to charge a reasonable fee for the item. The customer is aware of any safety requirements in relation to the lended equipment. Boating is on the customers own responsibility. The customer has familiarized everyman’s rights and abides by it.

Escape rooms

The game is self-guided and requires attentiveness towards the instructions and equipment.

We have the right to deny entry from intoxicated people. For unused reservations we charge 100€.
Players are obligated to reimburse any costs and damages afflicted to the game area, its equipment or props in the rooms, if damage was caused intentionally or by using excess force.

Outdoor weather applies to the game area. Playing during winter is done under the weather conditions. The game areas are not fully accessible due to stairs and such.

Tahlo Ventures is not liable if a player hurts themself in the game area due to careless or reckless behavior.

As the game is self-guiding, we recommend all players to be at least 15 years old. Any people younger than 15 can participate under the responsibility of a caregiver.

Guided archery, air gun shooting and Tahlo Challenge team competitions

We prepare all equipment used in the activity and instruct participants on their use. Every participant attends at their own responsibility.

Participants are obligated to abide by the rules and regulations given for the whole duration of the game. Damages caused from inappropriate behavior or neglecting the rules are to be paid by the participant. The recommended age for participating is 18. Younger people can participate under the responsibility of a caregiver..

Any person behaving disruptively or showing signs of high intoxication may be removed and prohibited from participating in any activities.


The check-in to Tahlo Ventures is done independently. Further instructions on checking-in will be received via email closer to your arrival. Check-in is at 16 (4PM) on the day of arrival and check out at 12 (noon) on the day of departure, unless otherwise agreed. Sauna and hot tub (palju) evening reservations begin at 16 (4PM) and end at 00 (midnight) of the same day.

If any keys are lost Tahlo Ventures has the right to demand reimbursement from the customer.

Guests can order the final cleaning for overnight and evening bookings from the Tahlo staff or do the cleanup themself. If guests choose to clean themselves we require them take care of the following: cleaning the floor by vacuuming and washing, washing the dishes (and emptying the dishwasher), cleaning the shower room, sauna and toilet facilities, removing any stains or other marks, collecting all laundry, making the beds and putting all indoor and outdoor furniture back to their original place. The garden area is also to be cleaned. There are more detailed instructions at the destination.

If the lodging or sauna has been left uncleaned or they require cleaning after the customer’s clean-up, Tahlo Ventures will charge the guest accordingly.

If you choose to order the final cleaning we require the place to be left at a normal state after being lived in. This means having all furniture and other movables intact and at their regular places, all trash, bottles and cans being collected to one spot, and having all bigger stains and marks cleaned both indoors and outdoors.

Our staff checks the tidiness of all spaces in between customers and disinfects all necessary areas during COVID-19 regulations.

All the rooms and spaces are cleaned and disinfected between guests by our staff. We are taking extra steps to make sure we clean and disinfect all surfaces, door handles and light switches, in addition to our regular and thorough cleaning. We are complying with THL (Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare) and Airbnb’s rules and regulations about cleaning and we offer necessary hygiene items such as gloves for our customers to use as well. Thank you for understanding.


Gift cards are valid for one year from the day of purchase. Gift cards can only be used at the Tahlo online store. Gift cards are sent via email directly to the recipient.


It is prohibited for the accommodation to be used by more persons than what was agreed in reservation. There is an additional charge for extra persons. Camping on the yard of the lodging with a tent or camper van is prohibited unless otherwise agreed with Tahlo Ventures.

In case of any shortages or problems at the lodging / sauna or a service, the customer must inform Tahlo Ventures immediately for repairing or refunding during the stay. All notifications and urgent maintenance needs have to be made on the phone to the number given on the instructions upon arrival. Please note that if the customer doesn’t inform Tahlo Ventures of the shortcomings during their stay, they lose any rights for a possible refund.


In case of a force majeure situation or if the customer hasn’t abided by the booking conditions Tahlo Ventures has the right to cancel the reservation.

Tahlo Ventures also reserves the right to transfer lodging or an evening booking for a similar cabin or villa if the accommodation reserved by the customer isn’t in use at the time. In situations like these the customer is always contacted and notified.