Tahlo Ventures offers accommodation services, an escape room (not yet available in English), activities, local food and the chance to be present for people around the world. The Tahlo farm is located near Tampere by the shores of Lake Näsijärvi.


Tahlo Ventures is a family business and Tahlo’s history stems 400 years back, from the year 1585.

The rural milieu of the farm, located in the center of Pirkanmaa has opened its doors to a wider audience through Tahlo Ventures. The owner and founder of Tahlo Ventures, Johanna, is from the Tahlo farm, and the entire Tahlo family is involved in Tahlo Ventures’ everyday life.

We take pride in our work and want to serve customers who share the same values as we do and who want to be present. You are warmly welcome to come join in on the once-in-a lifetime experience at our historical premices!



Tahlo family has always cored high the values of acceptance, equality and nature. It was natural for us to bring the values to our business. As a member of We Speak Gay community we are committed to create more supportive and equal environment. We want to welcome everyone just as they are, because we believe everybody should be celebrated, not just accepted. At Tahlo, everyone is welcome exactly as they are, without feeling threatened, discriminated against or being ignored. It is safe to be and live in Tahlo.

Be yourself, be present, #liveintahlo.
#wespeakgay #lgbtqtravel

You can also find the Gay Travel Finland map at Tahlo Hillhouse.


The waters of Tahlo surround our old family farm, and in Tahlo you will find excellent outdoor activity and fishing opportunities.

The Tahlo farm is located in Ylöjärvi, only 35 km, or just a 40 minutes drive from the center of Tampere. The center of Pirkanmaa is located in Tahlonsalmi, and you can find Tahlo farm under Tahlo on the map.

Welcome to Tahlo!


Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures

Juha Tahlo

+358 40 552 7838

The farmer of Tahlo farm, Juha “Jussi” Tahlo, lives close by and will help you with anything during your stay.

Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures

Johanna Tahlo

+358 40 718 3862


Johanna, the entrepreneur of Tahlo Ventures will answer all of your questions before your stay, help you make reservations and give you the best deals. So please contact Johanna when planning a trip to Tahlo!

Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures
Johanna Kumpulainen, Tahlo Ventures

Johanna Kumpulainen



Johanna is involved in all of Tahlo’s everyday chores. She gives you special offers, helps you to plan your meeting or stay in Tahlo and takes care of the all over comfort. The clean surfaces and soft and clean sheets, which are wonderful to curl up in when the evening comes, are all thanks to her.

Led by Johanna, you can calm down in the Silence Challenge, solve mysteries in the escape room and compete in the Tahlo Challenge team experience. During your stay you can contact Johanna to solve any questions you might have!

At the end of her travel studies, Johanna did her thesis for Tahlo Ventures on LGBTQ tourism and has now grown into the core factor of the Tahlo family.

Johanna Kumpulainen, Tahlo Ventures
Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures
Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures

Marja Tahlo

Marja Tahlo, the hostess of the Tahlo farm, is the whole team’s rock and helps them solve any challenge in the everyday life of travel and tourism.

Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures

Sanna Tahlo

Sanna Tahlo helps her family with Tahlo’s daily indoor and outdoor tasks and the escape room, along with her other work.

Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures
Juha Tahlo, Tahlo Ventures

Helena Tahlo

The Tahlo family’s entrepreneur student Helena Tahlo has an eye for interior design. Her design work can be seen for instance in the renovated, modern interior of Hillhouse’s bedrooms, where the Scandinavian design invites you to relax.