It is safe to visit Tahlo even during these exceptional circumstances! Here is information about our actions during the COVID period.


  • The premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests. Our staff takes care of the disinfectioning and double-checks the premisis between each guest.
  • We follow The Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare’s (THL) and Airbnb’s guidelines on cleaning. Our staff wears protective equipment during cleaning and making beds ready.
  • In addition to normal, careful cleaning, we now pay special attention to cleaning surfaces, door handles and light switches. In addition, we ventilate the spaces well for our guests.
  • We offer additional cleaning tools and instructions also for our customers to use.
  • So far, we have given up the bedspreads for the beds and moved the towels from the beds together to the dressing room.
  • As always, all linen and towels are washed properly and clean and high quality sheets and soft towels await each guest!
  • Hand disinfectant are available on our premises during your stay.
  • When meeting our guests, our team wears face shields and takes care of safe distances.
  • And as before, the login happens independently with the key code.

Let’s stay healthy together. Welcome to visit Tahlo.

? Love, Tahlo Ventures Team