Sleep and relax, enjoy traditional Finnish sauna, take a dip in the ice hole, and play an escape room in the beautiful countryside scenery.

At Tahlo, you can fully enjoy your holiday near Tampere’s services and the excellent ski trails of Ylöjärvi, in peaceful environment on the shores of Lake Näsijärvi. When you’re looking for winter vacation ideas, check out Tahlo’s holiday tips for winter days! 

Stay at Tahlo Hillhouse holiday villa alone, with your family, or with a larger group. Finnish luxury beds, a private lakeside sauna with winter swimming hole and hot tubs and Finnish design ensure pampering and memorable moments in the heart of Finnish nature. 

Tahlo offers space for outdoor activities, sauna, and swimming in the ice hole. The shelter and fireplace of Tahlo farm is available for guests, and in addition to outdoor activities, entertainment is provided by the Escape Room game “Forgotten in the Mist” built in the farm’s old barns and mysterious vaulted cellar. (Escape room available in english from summer 2024).

TAHLO – excellent location

  • 40 min to Tampere city center
  • 10 min to the nearest ski trails (weather permitting and if guests wish, trails can also be made to Tahlo!)
  • 2 h to Helsinki
  • 0 min to the shores of Lake Näsijärvi

The Birch Bedroom is one of the four bedrooms in Tahlo Hillhouse. Handmade bedside tables from birch trees provided inspiration for the room’s decoration.



Artek, Tapio Anttila collection, Iittala, Finlayson, Marimekko… There is plenty of Finnish and Nordic design pieces in Tahlo to inspire your senses. In Tahlo Hillhouse, it’s nice to enjoy alone or with the whole family. Our luxury-class villa has four bedrooms with ready-made beds, a well-equipped kitchen, sauna, and a large living room.

Explore the Tahlo Hillhouse villa and take advantage of a -10% discount on accommodation when you order directly from our online store.



Do you crave a refreshing dip in the icy Lake Näsijärvi? Or a relaxing sauna with a lake view? On benches lovingly made from local wood, you’ll enjoy the steam of the traditional Finnish sauna, and you’ll descend into the refreshing ice hole from sturdy steps. Also, a hot tub (or two) is available for rent. The ice hole and lakeside sauna are always included in the villa rental, but during the winter, the ice hole and lakeside sauna can be reserved for sauna evenings (4-10 pm) subject to availability. Check the available sauna evenings.



Where did Tahlo’s farmer disappear to? Something tragic and unresolved was connected to that misty summer day in the early 1900s. Creeping sounds and a drowned history still haunt the estate’s old, mysterious buildings. Are you ready to explore the mysteries of Tahlo farm’s over 400-year history? 

In collaboration with the escape room expert Getaway Room Escape Tampere, we offer an unforgettable, new kind of escape room game in an authentic rural setting at Tahlo, in Mutala, Ylöjärvi. 

At Tahlo, you can solve the mystery in our outdoor escape room game Forgotten in the Mist, set in old barns, playable in outdoor temperatures. The escape room game can be booked even if you’re not staying or taking a sauna at Tahlo, you can also come just to play! PLEASE NOTICE! Escape room available in english from summer 2024 on. 

Usvaan unohdettu – Forgotten in the Mist escape room:

⏳ 2-12 players 
⏳ 2 hours of gameplay 
⏳ suitable for first-timers, but also for escape room veterans 
⏳ open year-round 
⏳ game times 10:00 am, 1:00 pm, 4:00 pm, and 7:00 pm

❄️ Wintertime proper attire is recommended, with wool pants and insulated coveralls being suitable attire, as outdoor temperatures prevail in the premises. Explore and book your game now.

Skiing joy! Tahlo’s trail serves our guests weather permitting.



In Ylöjärvi, a 30-minute drive from Tahlo Hillhouse, you’ll find a diverse selection of ski trails, Pirkanmaa’s best meat and fish counter at Tokmanni, and across the street, the Elovainio shopping center with Villa Vino’s delicacy shop and café. Iloisen pojan street food bar offers excellent local food burgers on Vaasantie road, as you drive from Ylöjärvi towards Tampere. Just a three-quarter drive away in Tampere are the services of a big city. 

Want to ski on your ski vacation? Ylöjärvi has several ski trails, including illuminated ones, available depending on the amount of snow. A list of Ylöjärvi’s ski trails can be found here. In addition, there is a snow machine ski trail at Räikänranta in Ylöjärvi. The ski trails in Kurun and Viljakkala are also nearby. Information on skiing in Seitseminen National Park can be found here. It’s worth checking the situation of the ski trails during your stay, up-to-date maintenance information is available on this map

Villa Vino’s ski cafe at Lamminpää outdoor lodge is a worth stopping point for a treat during a ski trip.

The nearest ski trail to Tahlo Hillhouse is behind Mutala School, just 7 km from Tahlo. During ski holidays, we provide our guests with ski trails, weather permitting, if our guests want to ski on nearby fields.”